Apt ERP is the preferred choice of enterprise ERP adopters. These are businesses who need absolute reassurance that they can affordably acquire technology that can be relied upon to adapt seamlessly to their growth targets.

Apt ERP is built using industry standard databases. This way you are sure that you are not locked into any proprietary data standard while enjoying the benefit of technical advances in database technology as it becomes available.

Above all this, Apt provides users with an interface that allows access to any element of data that they wish to access and even take it outside the system in a wide variety of formats - XLS, XML, PDF or HTML.

Having integrated many types of different hardware devices like time and attendance devices, POS peripherals such as cash drawers, pole displays, slip printers and at times even weighbridges Apt ERP can also accept data in a vast range of formats.

In other words, the system works the way you do not the other way around!


CHANGE - Inevitable but Unpredictable

Given the business conditions today, it's difficult to predict how customers, partners and markets will behave to say nothing of the competition, the government, regulators and suppliers. They expect that once they've changed you should too.

Easier said than done.

And just looking at the changes that have taken place in fast growing world, small and medium business have had to change and reinvent themselves. If the speed at which markets and customers change makes you nervous, we can help you adapt.



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